Energy Psychology: includes a variety of techniques and processes such as Tapping EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, PSYCH-K, HBLU-Healing from the Body Level Up, Muscle Testing, and numerous others.

Energy psychology (EP) is a mind-body approach to understanding and improving human functioning. EP focuses on the relationship between bioenergy systems, neuro and electro physiological processes, and mental functions involving thoughts, emotions, sensations, and behavior.” -ACEP

“If you are looking for ways to change your life, check out Energy Psychology, it’s pretty extraordinary.” -Tony Robbins

According to Donna Eden of Energy Medicine there are 9 Energy Systems: the meridians, chakras, aura, five elements, basic grid, electrics, celtic weave, triple warmer, and the radiant circuits. Tapping helps with several of these.

“Energy Medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines much about health and happiness.”-Mindvalley Academy

Energy Psychology Research