Pamela Silsby, LPC, NCC, EFT-INT, Coach

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified LOA Coach, and EFT Tapping Practitioner


What Clients are Saying: 

“It seems like only yesterday that I anxiously awaited my first meeting with Pamela. There were so many things going on in my mind, and I was not sure how things were going to go. Change is never easy, and yet, she made it seem effortless. It didn’t take long to realize that I had a new person in my life that I could talk to, confide in and most of all, trust! One who wouldn’t judge me, but would guide me in the right direction when I seemed to lose my way.” ~Professional, CO

“Pamela, is the best therapist I’ve had in 20 years. She’s kind, caring, thoughtful, and helpful. I’m thankful for her always being there for me when I felt like I was losing it. She always made me feel welcome, and she always calmed me down. For all those traits she possesses, I cannot say “thank you” enough.” ~Professional, CO

“I wish I met Pamela a year ago!  Working with her has been invaluable to my life.” ~Professional, CO

“Pamela always helps me get out of my head so I can see things and myself in such a better light.” ~Entrepreneur, CO

“I’m so glad I found Pamela!  I’m in such a better place, I’m not depressed anymore and everyone in my life can see how happy I am now.  It’s truly remarkable that my life can change this much in just a few months.” ~Professional, CO

“Pamela is great to work with, she is super easy to talk to and I always feel comfortable speaking with her on the phone and in person.  I would highly recommend working with her, especially if you really want to change your life.” ~Professional, CO

“Almost three years ago I was facing what felt like was my own personal rock bottom. My life was full of anxiety, fear, defeat, scarcity, lack of confidence, etc. I couldn’t get to my first session fast enough. In the first few moments of working with Pamela, I knew I was in the presence of a powerful woman who could help me observe my experience and guide me toward the life of my dreams. What I have I learned is that I am currently living the life of my dreams HERE and NOW! Pamela has taught me how to manifest the life I truly desire, that abundance is my natural state and I am a bright light, born to shine. The techniques she teaches have obliterated performance anxiety making my every day and everything in it pure joy. I am so grateful to have found her.” ~Professional, CO

“Pamela’s coaching in abundance, manifesting and tapping have helped me to create the life I have dreamed of.  Helping clients to see their hearts desire and then assisting them to take those steps to live their best life. That is her greatest gift! She is an absolutely amazing practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone who desires more in their life. Take the step, you will be so glad you did!!!”  ~Entrepreneur, CO

“Pamela is a phenomenal coach who intuitively recognized what I needed to make a change for the better in my relationships and my life. She provided a safe place for me to open up and experience authentic, empowering transformations. Pamela’s wisdom and energy inspired me to trust and embrace all aspects of myself and truly be “me.” I positively recommend her coaching services if you want to create the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted to live.”~Entrepreneur, CO

“Pamela gave me the tools and motivation to manifest the book that I’m writing.” ~ Author, MN

“Pamela has been someone I could confide in and trust, someone to help guide me in the right direction, someone I could count on and know would be there when needed, and someone who is a truly great person.” ~Professional, CO

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